"Nuclear energy may just be the energy source that can save our planet from another possible disaster: catastrophic climate change. ... Nuclear energy is the only large-scale, cost-effective energy source that can reduce [carbon dioxide] emissions while continuing to satisfy a growing demand for power."

  • Patrick Moore, Co-founder of Greenpeace & Co-chair of Clean and Safe Energy Coalition
    April 16, 2006

"[The United States should] provide opportunities for nuclear power to play a continuing role in a future low-carbon electricity sector. ...Because nuclear power is one of the few options for no-carbon electricity production, efforts should be made to preserve this option."

  • Pew Center on Global Climate Change Recommendation in "Agenda for Climate Action"
    February 2006

Nuclear Energy: A Pollution Solution

How is nuclear energy a solution for pollution?

Nuclear power is a clean energy source that generates electricity for one in five homes and businesses in the United States without producing or emitting any greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide. It is truly a solution to pollution, and nuclear power plants currently generate 73 percent of all carbon-free electricity in America. To read more about how nuclear energy is a key tool in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, click here.

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Frequently asked questions

Nuclear power is a safe and secure energy source that is a vital component in the fight against global warming. That's because, like renewable energy, nuclear power is a clean energy source. To find out answers to your questions about nuclear energy, please click here.